A science-based training program that helps busy Dads burn up to 10kg of fat in 12 weeks whilst improving lean mass body composition and fitness levels.

Since becoming a full time working Father the time I have available for training has become scarce. I know that many other busy Dad’s are facing the same issue but still have fitness goals that they would like to reach.
I created The Fit Dad Plan to help other’s optimize their time in the gym to give them the best chance of feeling and looking great whilst covering all areas in terms of Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness, Hypertrophy, Functional Fitness and Fat Loss.

Watch my Fit Dad Plan preview video to find out more information about the program before signing up to make sure this plan is the right fit for you.

I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs get the best shape of their lives.

Are you a working professional, businessman or busy entrepreneur ?
My name is David McCall and I help working professionals to transform their body, mindset and reach full potential
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