How To Stop Liking Fastfood

How To Stop Liking Fastfood

How to stop eating sweets? Not to eat pizza? But the thing is even if you’re not eating fastfood or sweets – you’re still thinking about it. Spending your energy to hold on and not to eat it. So you’re still having it in your life – in your head.It’s the first group of people – those who are saying NO to food cravings.It’s the other thing when there are absolutely no fastfood in your life. When the thought of having pizza or burger for dinner doesn’t even come to your mind, as none of it exists in your food options.This is the second group. And while the first group is always fighting, struggling, overcoming, second group is just living (without fastfood).You can’t just jump into group 2 by giving up certain food – then you will be in group 1. You can only enter group 2 by changing things in your life, which are not connected to food.

  • Good night sleep, providing you full recovery.
  • Proper strength training.
  • Working on your emotions – stress, anxiety, agitation – they are all influencing your food behavior.
  • Full awareness that you can eat EVERYTHING (doesn’t mean you actually WILL eat everything).

And only after normalizing all these factors you can overcome all your food addictions.

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