I’m Not Flexible Enough To Do Yoga

I’m Not Flexible Enough To Do Yoga

Since doing my Yoga Teacher Training, I’ve become a bit more flexible than I used to be. I can’t tie myself in a knot, but I can hold on to my toes. 

I’ve noticed people see me as ‘flexible’ now. They ask if I did gymnastics as a kid, or at least danced. I never did gymnastics and the closest I’ve ever been to doing the spits was slipping on the grass in rounders. 

I did dance for a while, but generally I was the awkward kid on the edge. Having a good time, but without a clue about what everyone else was doing with their flowing arms and pointy toes. 

Essentially, I was not flexible. 

The first time I really tried yoga was at Titan Fitness, Phuket in 2017. Aldis was my first yoga teacher. I connected with the way she taught and never missed a practice.  She still inspires me now, but when I returned home I couldn’t find a class like hers. I fell out of the habit. I lost momentum and forgot how yoga made me feel. 

When I started CrossFit my lack of flexibility became very apparent. I wanted to be able to move in a particular way and my body just wasn’t doing it. Holding a barbell in front rack position is really hard when my shoulder mobility was shaped by desk work and screens. Doing a full squat didn’t work when my hip flexors said ‘no’ and my ankles just stared stiffly at me in confusion. 

All of a sudden, I had a real drive to improve my mobility. 

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